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A Few Common Queries to use IQOS Perfectly



IQOS electronic devices used for smoking are quite in trend. There are millions of people inclined to use IQOS however remain confused as it is a new type of cigarette to them. Some folks hesitate to use them as they aren’t aware of its benefits and feel it isn’t a good alternative to normal tobacco filled cigarette.

To gain more in detail information about IQOS, they can anytime visit the website, Heated.Pro. They can buy the best IQOS devices, tobacco-filled cartridges and other accessories for electronic cigarettes at a reasonable price. Surely, won’t regret your decision.

Here are common queries asked about IQOS and its answers:

  • Does the electronic device need charging?
  • Yes, the main body part needs to be charged before usage. Usually, it takes an hour to charge and the red light will indicate that the device is in charging mode. Once fully charged, the light will stop flashing and you can start using your IQOS.
  • Does the smoke bar needs to be cleaned often?
  • Most of the users don’t do it regularly but if you want to enhance the durability of the electronic cigarette, best to clean them at least twice a week. Some suggest cleaning it after using twenty sticks. There are cleaning liquids available online composed using alcohol, thus quite efficient to clean fast.
  • Will the outer elements affect the working efficiency of IQOS?
  • Yes, it can happen if you use it outside more. In the hot and humid days there are chances of it getting affected by the damp of your sweat. Most importantly, if moisture sweeps inside the device, then surely it will malfunction soon.
  • Why there is shredded tobacco remaining in the cartridge?
  • It is because you rotate while fixing the cartridge inside the device, moreover it will affect the cigarette stick. You shouldn’t pull the cartridge directly after usage otherwise residue will remain inside it. To remove the residue hold the groove portion of the e- cigarette cap with your thumb and then separate the cartridge by slowly pushing it out.

It will be helpful to understand more about IQOS cartridges before using the e-cigarette:

  • It consists of four parts such as tobacco, primary filter cotton, the ventilation duct and secondary filter cotton.
  • The other piece that is quite essential promoting efficiency of this e-cigarette is the plastic paper which is made of polylactic acid. Its biodegradability quality helps to form moisture and carbon dioxide when heating the device. Hence, it is totally safe to use IQOS for fulfilling the smoking sensation.
  • The cartridge contains bio-based materials which are derivatives of corn.
  • The tobacco present in the cartridge doesn’t turn to tar as it isn’t burnt, just heated to some extremes like 350 degrees Celsius. However, the presence of nicotine enhances the taste of tobacco to a different level, thus favourite of all.

As a new beginner, you just need to buy the right IQOS device from reliable online shops like Heated Pro.

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