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If you would like to become one of our regular contributors, all you need is original content that is pertinent to our landscaping website, and you will be able to submit an article to our website and have it promoted on our social media platforms. If your contribution and website are found to comply with our standards, our content manager will do a personal assessment of both. It will be published as soon as possible.

What Exactly Is A Guest Post?

Writing original, high-quality content for another website, also known as guest posting or guest blogging, is a great way to drive traffic to your website or blog that is relevant to the topic at hand. The following are some of the benefits of writing guest posts for us:

• Raise the number of visitors to your website by utilizing organic content marketing

• Raise your daily average (Domain Authority)

• Raise the amount of attention paid to your brand and organically generated brand presence

Establish a link to our expansive sector by creating content related to home renovation, business, money, automobiles, lifestyle, technology, family and parenting, travel, and entertainment.

Guest Posting Guidelines

• Concepts: We would appreciate it if you could email us a brief pitch that describes the concept or article topic that you will be discussing.

• The article’s objective must be to provide readers with information, and not to promote a product or service.

• Quality: The content has to be proofread to ensure that there are no typos or grammatical problems, and it also needs to be checked for plagiarism.

• Relevant Ideas We welcome contributions on themes such as landscaping, lawn care, gardening, yard work, and ideas for the outdoors. Please also view the page dedicated to our services.

• Estimated length of the article is between 500 and 1500 words.

• Headings, bullet points, and numbers should be formatted correctly, and the article should be delivered as a Google Doc that is shared with others.

• Links: Include three internal links inside our website’s content, and accurately connect them to either our service sites or our blog postings.

• Editing of Articles: If you submit an article to us, we reserve the right to modify your content to make it more legible and to rectify any grammatical errors that may have been made.

• Publisher Biographies: All drafts that are authorized need to include the author bio, and you have the option of including either one link to your site or one link to the body of the text as the anchor link.

• Before Publication: When the time comes for the publication of your article, we will let you know by sending you a notification through email.

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