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How Do Product Configurations Impact Customer Satisfaction?



Trends are constantly changing. However, there is one trend that will continue to dominate the eCommerce market: 3D product configurations. 3D visualization gives customers the ability to interact with the product in a virtual way that allows them to make informed buying decisions. Customers always desire to see, feel, and connect with the product before they purchase. The use of 3D product configuration is then made possible.

Product configurators are interactive software that allows online shoppers to personalize a product using certain configuration options. In other words, a 3d product configuratorvisualizes the product based on the customer’s real-time configurations. This allows them to get an accurate picture of their product.

How Can This Benefit Shoppers?

Three-dimensional product configurations allow consumers to examine the product from various angles and sides, inspect every aspect in detail, and ultimately choose a product that suits their style, tastes, and preferences. Product configuration lets customers see the product’s appearance, feel, and behavior. This allows shoppers to interact with the product by zooming, spinning, and rotating it in 3D.

How Product Configurations Can Benefit Your Business?

Your company will reap many benefits from 3D product configurations.

1. It Increases Customer Satisfaction

Implementing product configuration will bring you more customer satisfaction. This leads to higher conversions. The biggest problem with shopping online is the inability to try the product. But that is no longer the case. 3D visualization is much more efficient than visiting brick-and-mortar stores, which can be expensive and time-consuming. The use of AR and VR to enhance 3D configurations allows customers to interact from multiple angles. This increases customer satisfaction, which in turn increases sales.

2. Higher Perception Value

A study finds that customers are more willing to pay for products that meet their specific needs. The study revealed that over a fifth of shoppers is willing to pay as much as 20% for customized goods. Their lifestyle is highlighted through product customization. 3D configurators allow customers to create products that meet their specific needs. Product configurations can help companies increase engagement which results in more quality leads and higher conversion rates. It’s like a miracle cure that improves all areas of your eCommerce company.

3. Data Goldmine

Companies can collect valuable data by customizing and purchasing customized products. They can gain insight into the product’s most important aspects as well as customers’ preferences and interests. The customization process can yield a lot of information that organizations can use to gain valuable insights about future products and upgrades. Because they are highly requested, certain features might be added to specific products. This allows for highly efficient products that are responsive to consumers’ needs.

4. More Cross-Sell And Upsell Opportunities

Customers can quickly create accurate orders with a product configurator. Your sales reps will find configuration a great opportunity to cross-sell and upsell because manufacturers offer extra customization options for a nominal fee. A benefit of configuration is that it allows your sales team to get to know the customer’s requirements and preferences. Sales reps will be better equipped to cross-sell products to their client’s interests and preferences by understanding their customers.

5. It Removes Misunderstanding

When customers make a purchase decision, the traditional way of showing product photos is not helpful. It does not show the customer what they want in a product. 3D configurations, however, are not as clear. 3D product configurations give shoppers a more detailed and comprehensive view of the product they are interested in purchasing, especially when combined with AR. A clear view of the product makes it less likely that customers will return it after purchasing. 3D configurations make it easier to see the product in detail.

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How Do Product Configurations Impact Customer Satisfaction?

Trends are constantly changing. However, there is one trend that will continue to dominate the eCommerce market: 3D product configurations. 3D visualization gives customers...